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December 2009


It’s over, Christmas and me

I love Christmas. I’ve always looked forward to this magical time of the year, when the streets are brightly lit up with colourful festive decorations and the stores packed with terrific discounts and cheery shoppers. And, not forgetting the delightful gift exchanges and lovely christmas reunions.

But Christmas has never been good to me.

Year after year of disappointing Christmases, I think it’s finally time to let this holiday go. No more crazy hopeful dreams about Christmas. No more expectations that it’ll be better than it ever was.

Time to keep it real.

Merry Christmas.


It’s the thought that counts, right?

When I was 14 years old, the adults in my family decided that shopping for presents for the kids was too difficult and all together just too exhausting.

Gift-shopping with my mom was a part of Christmas I looked forward to when I was a kid, but since then, I’ve never taken up the habit of giving anybody gifts on Christmas.

Not my parents, nor my brother and his wife.

Not that Christmas should be about gifts and presents, but my Christmases were hardly exciting after that.

I finally decided that this year, on my 20th Christmas, I’ll be taking up this daunting task of gift-giving. Gifts for my family, gifts for my closest friends.

One gift once a year shouldn’t be so hard. A present that says thanks for being there, and hey, here’s to all the laughs, and I hope you know that I appreciate you being there.

This past week was tiring to say the least. Shopping is tough when you have a list and when you have less than enough money for yourself. Also, how do you decide if someone in your life deserves a gift or not?

More shopping to be done..Gift-giving is hard.


2009: you love too much, you lose yourself in the midst of all of it

2009 might not have been what I expected, but I regret nothing

Just awhile ago I was thinking about how uneventful this year was, but after re-visiting my previous post about my accomplishments at work, looking at your comments about it, and then looking at my new social experiences, I realise that it’s been a pretty cool year after all.

I’ve done everything I’ve wanted, and I’m now here, where I’m supposed to be.

And although to you it might seem childish, melodramatic and maybe slightly campy, here’s what I think this year was about, like a secret the universe whispered in my ear. (My left ear – wait, is this what schizophrenia is like?)

Everything is going as planned. You did a good job this year, keep going and know that wherever you are, you are wherever you are supposed to be and everything is working out the way it should.

Don’t think so much. 2010 awaits, and it’s going to be exciting.

For you too.


This post was supposed to be much longer

But then I realised that I’m not sure if we’re at the point in this relationship where you actually need to know that much information about my life, so here we go, the abridged version.

I went to work today, and although I have officially stopped working a week ago, there’s still some unfinished business and I am way too compassionate a person to decline pleas of help from a kind co-worker who has done nothing but made my stay more enjoyable.

I’ve been working at Potato Productions for about half a year now.  Initially I thought that I’d be doing some writing. I ended up doing a whole lot of other stuff I never thought I’d do.

In the past months, I have produced an iPhone application, made it one of the top free downloaded apps in Singapore, been the social media girl of the company and gotten ourFacebook page up with over 800 fans, generated some pretty damn cool marketing ideas and helped in the making of an upcoming Content Management System (CMS). Oh and of course, managed an international penpal network.

Though challenging, it was an experience of epic proportions. I can safely say that although it was a good learning adventure, and I have less worries about getting a job (in general), I am also slightly terrified at the thought of not being able to find one that I am passionate about or one that I am inadequate for.

And this is why, on the 3rd of February in the coming year, I will be embarking on a new journey in a (slightly) foreign land.

Go easy on me, Australia, I’m learning.


Scientifically proven: Exercise is good for you

I had an epiphany this week. Or perhaps it was sudden fear when I found out from the nurse that I had gained 2kgs, with my irregular eating and late night hunger pangs.

Or maybe it was the persistent sound of my father’s nagging, grumbling at the waste of two very pretty running shoes decaying in the storeroom.

So last night, I dusted off my old, but unused Nikes and headed out the door with my iPod Touch.

Jogging at 11pm at night along the stretch of the Kallang river is definitely recommended if you’re not someone who likes jogging. Or exercising.

It is dark and no one cares if you look like you’re dying. The night breeze is cool, refreshing and makes jogging seem like a relaxing activity – for a while at least.

Now let’s just hope this lasts.