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September 2013



Oh what a mystique she holds
Her features so individually perfect
Form a face you’ve not seen before
Those deep-set eyes, with all those stories, and that wrinkle beside the blue.
And oh what grace she carries. Not for you, though she knows you stare.
Don’t look at the dirt, no one’s perfect. Just smile and she’ll smile right back.
Be careful though, she has many lovers, be careful please, she doesn’t love you.


In Nice

For where else would we sit for hours? In the blazing sun. Where else would we dunk our bodies? In such salty water. In Nice, where we’re faced with beauty, the light and dark of blues. In Nice, where the pebbles meet you, (our names on one among them). In Nice, with a glass in your hand.



See you in a little bit, Europe

My parents used to tease me – Can’t sleep is it? Too excited ah? – Yes. Yes I am. This time especially. I don’t remember how I felt before USA, but this time, I’m really nervous. We’re going to Europe. I don’t know French, Italian or Portuguese. We’ve got about 5 flights or more, several airbnb accommodation, $5000 worth of cash, my Sony NEX and a heavy luggage. Thing is, I know I’m living my dream.

Written April 12, 2012 – Maybe one day

“You know what would be perfect? Traveling around the world, going on roadtrips and concerts and doing it all with someone lovely for the rest of my life.”

Thanks for dreaming with me.