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April 2015


Social media blogs

There are thousands of social media blogs and millions of social media experts on Twitter out there. These blogs and influencers get really repetitive really quickly – because ultimately, there are really just three main things you can get out of them:

That brands have to embrace authenticity and transparency, that they should be listening to what people are saying online and having conversations with them, and that they have to invest in content.

They are helpful in understanding social media – and I read them to find out about new tools, new apps and updates in the space. But they’re really not helpful in understanding people – and their relationship with brands. Maybe someone should start one that allows a little insight into people and their behaviours instead.


New goals

For someone who’s led a really passive, sedentary lifestyle, I really didn’t think I’d suddenly get the whole fitness thing. Sure, I’ve looked at Fitspo posts and images on Tumblr, and I get it – skinny girls look good in clothes and fit girls look good naked. But did I want to burn calories by getting wet and sweaty and gross?

In my head I thought that if I started working out regularly, I’d need to continue working out forever, and really, who needs that burden?

Ha! If you could only see me now. I don’t yet own enough muscles to impress anyone but ask me again in a few months.