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Will you let me use you?

Be here for me when I need you, then go when I no longer do.
Only speak when I want you to, Hughes wrote a script for you.
Can you laugh with me and at me – but never enough to hurt?
Teach me beautiful things, then hold me, we’ll never be at war.
The fields they have been waiting, the grass become so soft.
We’ll paint pictures and stories with the clouds on our palette.
(We’ll always go too far)
Sparks will write our story, the end will be read with tears.
But will you let me use you? I won’t make it up to you.


Maybe one day

One day, I will no longer be awkward. I will lose my sarcasm. I will no longer be afraid of what the world thinks about me and I won’t bother if it doesn’t think about me at all. Nothing will matter.

But when that happens, I hope you’ll remember me as I am now. I hope you’ll miss me. I hope you’ll wish I’d never changed.


You’ll never be this way ever again

“You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, I told him, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.”

— Azar Nafisi
Reading Lolita in Tehran


I’ll be a dream

We don’t talk anymore but that’s okay. You don’t call anymore, and that’s just fine. We don’t laugh anymore, not like before. You don’t cry anymore, that’s just me. It’s life, and we’re not the same people we used to be.

I didn’t want to let go because I was afraid of missing out on something that could’ve been, but the my hands are getting blisters from holding on, and we’re ruining good memories with bad ones.

So I’m finally letting it all go, because I know it will get better. Holding on is always the more difficult option. It confuses me greatly, because it’s the in-between. Holding on is suspended in mid-air, between all and nothing, and it requires an accurate control of expectations, an in-between kind of relationship.

Letting go is more befitting in this story. Letting go requires just a loosening of the grasp. It is in the extreme; so all energy is focused on just the act of release. Letting go promises a relief, and that’s what I hope it brings to us both.

One day, we won’t miss it anymore. And I’ll be a dream you dreamt you had.


Adieu, mon amour, adieu

How strange (too easy)
Has left me all in tears

Not props (too salty)
Drenching this production

Then a sigh
Goodbye (too quickly)
Convinced you

And you finally let me go
So why the waves of sadness?
Why a disappointment?

The change (so strange)
In me, and us


So I won’t ask you to stay


You don’t hurt someone to make them afraid of losing you.
You love them till they don’t want to leave.

Because fear is unwanted and love is much needed.

Don’t hold back your feelings just to make someone feel unimportant.
Let everything out so they know what they have been giving is not enough.

Because people leave when they feel unwanted.
And people stay because they want to.


Not like the movies

I want love like the movies, simple and sweet
I want grand gestures, promises, surprises and gifts
I want a hero, a charmer, nice and complete
So I want love like the movies, I thought you would be it
But see, love in the movies last only so long
Two hours, that’s all, and life still goes on



Generally used when you know that you won’t see the person in question for a long time.



The decisive point

Much like life and love, perhaps it is because I wanted so many books that ultimately, I bought none.